Northwestern leaving port


The Northwestern Is a 125 ft vessel owned and operated by the Hansen family out of Seattle Washington


Boat Specs


125 ft (38 m); was lengthened from 108 ft to 118 ft in 1987 and again to 125 ft in 1991

Engine Specs

1280 horsepower Caterpillar D398 V-12


12 kn (14 mph)


Marco Shipyards, Seattle


Boat HistoryEdit

Northwestern was built in 1977 at Marco Shipyard in Seattle, WA. She was originally 108 feet in length overall. The vessel was built specifically for the King and Tanner crab fisheries of Alaska’s Bering Sea.

In 1981 there was a collapse of the King crab fishery so the boat stayed busy fishing Tanner crab. In the early-80’s, Northwestern was one of the first boats to fish Opilio crab. The Opilio crab fishery turned out to be the “bread and butter” fishery for the entire crab fleet. Opilio fishing lead to over-capitalization of the fishery overall with several new boats being built at that time.


Crew by season

Season 4) Norman Hansen, Edgar Hansen, Nick Mavar Jr., Matt Bradley, Jake Anderson

Season 3) Norman Hansen, Edgar Hansen, Nick Mavar Jr. Matt Bradley, Stan Hansen (King), Jake Anderson (Opie)

Season 2) Norman Hansen, Edgar Hansen, Nick Mavar Jr. Rick McLeod, Matt Bradley, Adam Evich

Season 1) Norman Hansen, Edgar Hansen, Nick Mavar Jr., Adam Evich, Brad Parker, Bradford Davis (King) Matt Bradley (Opie)

Deadliest Season) Norman Hansen*, Edgar Hansen*, Nick Mavar Jr*. Rick McLeod, Brad Parker