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Boat Specs


155 ft

Pot Capacity

250 fall 225 winter


Kieth Colburn




United States Navy

Cid a003fea4-1027-492d-969d-fec8d62e7eb8local

T'''he 155 ft F/V Wizard is one of the biggest of the fleet. The Wizard started out as a U.S Naval refueling boat and was converted to a crab boat in 1977. The boat is able to carry 225 to 250 pots onboard.The Captain is Keith Colburn who also owns the boat he runs a six man crew and usually has two Greenhorns just to be able to keep up with the fast pace of setting & retrieving the gear. The relief skipper is Keith's brother Monte, who also works on deck.The only boat that is bigger is the F/V Fierce Allegiance at 165 ft & the F/V Cornelia Marie is third largest at 128 ft.


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Name Position Experience Season 3 Season 4
Crosby LeVeen Deckhand X X
Nick Maurer Deckhand X
Lenny Lekanoff Engineer X X
Cooper Weatherby Deckhand Greenhorn X
Monte Colburn Deckhand, Relief Capt. X X
Gary Soper First Mate X X
Art Peterson Deckhand X
Jason Moilanen Deckhand Greenhorn X
Lynn Guitard Deckhand Greenhorn X
Travis Lofland Deckhand X


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